Call for projects

For civil society organisations in Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan.

Apply before 31 december 2023

During this call for proposals, face-to-face and online information sessions will be organised by each Supporting Structure (SS) in each of the 4 countries in order to present the Samim project, the selection criteria and answer questions.

Shortlisted CSOs will be invited to a face-to-face bootcamp organised by each AS. The CSOs participating in the bootcamp will be supported in setting up and planning their project through co-construction and collective reflection workshops.

The aim of the local bootcamp is to challenge the project leaders in relation to the issue in question and to help them better structure their idea before the pitch to the funding committee.

In the end, 5 to 6 projects, per country, led by local CSOs will be supported and funded.

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  • Samim launches its 1st call for projects (CFP) for CSOs which will be carried out locally by the 4 AS in the 4 countries of intervention for more sustainable cities and communities and more specifically around the following sub-themes

    • Waste management
    • Circular economy
    • Sustainable mobility
    • Responsible consumption
    • Eco-urbanism
    • Urban agriculture in the broad sense
    • Sustainable food
    • Sustainable tourism
    • Housing and energy transition
    • Social and civic innovations 

General characteristics of the projects sought?

  • Aiming at the development of more sustainable cities and communities
  • Having a socio-economic impact within the intervention areas
  • Piloted in an area marked by geographical inequality
  • Offering an innovative and creative solution
  • Ensuring a positive environmental or social impact by integrating youth and women
  • Sensitive to gender and social inclusion dynamics
  • Developed in the cities of Nouakchott, Casablanca, Tunis and Amman.
  • Planned to ensure implementation for up to 1 year
  • Demonstrating an adequate sustainability strategy
  • Participate in a bootcamp to learn project development techniques and refine the project’s value proposition
  • To benefit from technical support aimed at the structural strengthening of CSOs and support in the piloting of initiatives
  • Benefit from grants ranging from €30,000 to €40,000
  • Join a regional network and exchange with peers working for more sustainable cities and communities in the region
  • Gaining visibility 

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APPLY BEFORE 31 december 2023!

For more information, click to download the sheet!