Financing and supporting civil society initiatives

Samim is a multi-country project supporting civil society actors working for more sustainable cities and communities in Nouakchott, Casablanca, Tunis and Amman.

4 cities
3 years
2022 - 2025
50 CSOs
50 % projects
of projects led by women
of funds for CSOs

Samim is built as an inclusive mechanism to respond to the needs of youth and women. 50% of the projects funded will be led by women. Samim will support civil society actors towards more impact for youth and gender equality in our cities.

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Creative Collective

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Boubli – ATDCE

Boubli - ATDCE Nahj Elbousta ATDCE - Association Tunisienne pour le Développement de la Culture Électronique - officially saw the...

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