Casablanca, the economic capital and largest city of Morocco

Casablanca is a port city located in the west of the country facing the Atlantic Ocean. 

An economic engine of the Kingdom with a GDP representing 20% of the national GDP, the Casablanca-Settat region, with 4 million inhabitants, is the most populous region of Morocco. Its demographics are growing strongly, at a rate of +1.6% per year.  

The urban problems facing Casablanca are the emergence of slums, the congestion of the city, the high demand for mobility from residents, insecurity, the absence of green spaces and dirt in the streets. 

1615 Km2

3,566,020 (2020)

9. 287 hab /km2

The Samim hub in morocco


Bidaya pilots the support, training and financing activities of the Samim Hub in Morocco.