Amman, the capital of Jordan

Amman is a metropolis comprising Amman, Zarqa and Russeifa. Amman is located at the top of the Jabal al-Qal’a hill in northwestern Jordan.

Amman occupies a leading economic role with a meteoric population growth during the last half century, from less than 800,000 inhabitants in 1979 to nearly 3 million today. Amman hosts mainly Syrian refugees fleeing armed conflict every year.

The city is experiencing major urban problems with one of the highest motorization rates in the region, limited access to water with severe water shortages, large economic disparities and inadequate urban services and infrastructure.

1680 Km2

No. of inhabitants
4 000 000

2381 inhabitants /km2

The Samim hub in jordan


JYIF pilots the support, training and financing activities of the Samim Hub in Jordania.