Tunis, capital of Tunisia

Tunis is a metropolis since 2005 composed of eight communes. It is located in northeastern Tunisia along the Gulf of Tunis bordering the Mediterranean Sea. 

Tunis is the commercial and economic capital and the most populous city in the country. In 30 years, the population of Greater Tunis, composed of 4 governorates, has increased by more than one million inhabitants (1984-2014) and in the next twenty years, Greater Tunis will see the addition of 860,000 other inhabitants. 

Tunis is experiencing various urban development challenges such as waste management, significant territorial segregation, insufficient and deficient public transport supply, exclusion of bicycles, lack of green space and a degraded urban environment.

212,63 Km2 (8.5 miles)

638,845 (2014)

3,004 inhabitants/km².

The Samim hub in Tunisia


TCSE  pilots the support, training and financing activities of the Samim Hub in Tunisia.

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