Association pour la Culture Citoyenne et de l’Environnement en Mauritanie

Projet 14


The “Mon jardin pour nourrir Nouakchott” (My garden to feed Nouakchott) project aims to promote eco-friendly agricultural production while empowering local populations through the creation of urban and peri-urban micro-gardens. The initiative also aims to strengthen community ties by encouraging the active participation of local residents. Micro-gardens provide a space where people can come together, exchange knowledge and share resources. This fosters social cohesion and strengthens the community fabric.

The project’s main activities are as follows:

  • Training and support for 25 young people, mainly women, in urban soilless farming techniques, techniques for conserving and processing post-harvest products and techniques for producing fodder in soilless conditions, enabling livestock farmers to adopt a new form of urban livestock farming without divagation.
  • Implementation of pilot farms (Ferme école) 400m² in closed-circuit hydroponics with water reuse for above-ground crops.
  • Set-up of 2 boutiques selling market garden products under the banner “Consommons ce que nous produisons” (“Let’s consume what we produce”).
  • Organization of an exchange and capitalization fair on urban agriculture and its challenges for a better future.
Project budget (€)