Centre TERANIM pour les Arts Populaires

Projet 12

Centre TERANIM pour les Arts Populaires

Teslim’s Voice is a project aimed at teaching and transferring popular artistic skills to 30 unschooled girls, developing their talents, and integrating them into the cultural and artistic sector. The ultimate aim is to promote their successful integration into working life thanks to their artistic talents.

This project is exclusively reserved for young women between the age of 16 and 35 from disadvantaged families in the outlying districts of Nouakchott.

  • The project’s main activities are as follows:
  • A women’s artistic residency where 30 women who have not had the chance to continue their schooling will be trained.
  • They will also be trained in presentation techniques for the general public, and in the creation and management of social networking pages.
Project budget (€)