Cluster Industriel pour les Services Environnementaux

Projet 7

CISE Maroc

The project aims to promote the circular economy and industrial symbiosis by pooling the efforts of manufacturers in waste management and raw materials supply. In addition, social engineering will be deployed to integrate reclaimers and small-scale informal waste processing units into the system.

The project’s main activities are as follows:

  • In collaboration with the TIT MELLIL Industrialists’ organization, a hybrid workshop will be launched to present the concept of the circular economy, and industrial symbiosis as an approach that makes an industrial zone a balanced ecosystem for exchanging and sharing materials and other services.
  • A second event will be organized to characterize waste in the field. This will enable us to understand how intra-company waste is managed and the resources put in place by the local authority to manage industrial waste.
  • Support for industrialists in the area and an introductory workshop on entrepreneurship will be organized to raise awareness among reclaimers and their role in the area, and the damage they can cause.
Budget alloué au projet