Field visit Mauritania


Meeting with the staff of 5 CSOs
Strengthening the Samim network
Media coverage
Social and environmental impact
Assessment of the level of community engagement and participation
Discussion of challenges and successes

On December 18, 2023, the Lab’ess team travelled to Nouakchott to meet with the support structure Ecodev and the 5 projects selected for the first cohort as part of the field visit and support provided by SA.

Samim aims to support CSOs in addressing challenges such as inclusion, employment, and entrepreneurship, thereby supporting agents of change.

The field visits allowed for meetings with CSOs, exchanging ideas about their projects, and documenting the progress of Samim projects through photography.

A three-day workshop on external communication was organized to benefit the Ecodev 

 team and the CSOs supported by this structure.

The team also engaged with the local community to understand its needs, challenges, and aspirations.

The overall observation highlights a concerning local context characterized by several challenges such as a high level of waste, youth unemployment (especially among women), and insufficient guidance for external experts.

Recommendations were made to structure the tasks of each employee, strengthen the capacities of stakeholders, valorize local techniques and solutions, maintain institutional relationships, ensure continuous communication and frequent awareness-raising, accelerate public performance, and produce documentation capitalizing on various projects.